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FROG.PRO Modular Reconnaissance Chest Rig

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Description FROG.PRO Modular Reconnaissance Chest Rig Dimensions: 26 x 17 cmWeight: 375 g

The Modular Reconnaissance Chest Rig was designed for those who need modularity and efficiency during patrols, recon and vehicle operations.

The MRCR can be used both as a standalone chest rig in conjunction with the Light Reconnaissance Harness and the Chest Pad Air as well as a placard mounted directly on the Defender Low Visibility Plate Carrier or other plate carriers.

This high degree of modularity allows the user to comfortably and effectively do his job during various parts of the mission. When patrolling for many kilometers towards the objective, the operator is able to keep his plate carrier and his direct-action equipment in his rucksack while still carry the mission essentials at the ready. Once he is closing in on the objective and it is appropriate to wear ballistic protections the modularity of the MRCR allows the user to quickly change from chest rig to plate carrier configuration. This capability is key for keeping all of those down times to a minimum and it eliminates the risk of error since it is not necessary to move any piece of equipment from one platform to the other.

The Modular Reconnaissance Chest Rig features a multitude of pockets which were implemented based on the use of most popular items during these sorts of missions.

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